Form properties

In the "Properties" tab, enter the name of the form and its dimensions. The height and width are measured in pixels.

Move to the "Advanced Properties" tab.

- If "Open in tab" is unchecked, the form will open in a new window. If it is checked, the form will open in a new tab in bottom section of the clinical notes.

-If "Open in tab" is unchecked, selecting "Maximise" will mean the form's window will open maximised (to fill the screen). If maximise is unchecked, the window will be the size of the form.

- If "Open in tab" is checked, selecting "Maximise" will mean the form opens in a larger tab. If maximise is unchecked, the form's tab will be the same size as the others.

-"Grid size" refers to the size of the invisible grid on the form - when you place controls, they will automatically snap to a grid. Increasing the grid increases the space between the "gridlines" that the controls will conform to.