Creating, editing and deleting forms

Go to Tools >> Clinical Setup >> Form Designer.

Form designer will automatically with a blank canvas that you can start working on. You can also start a new form by clicking “New” from the top menu.

To edit another form, click on its name from the list on the left. You can scroll down to find the form, or use the highlighted blue box at the top to narrow down the list; type in the start or part of the form’s name.

When you have opened a form, you can click “Copy” to start a new form that uses the current form as its starting point.

To delete a form, open it (as above) and click “Delete” from the top menu.

To add a control, select one from the list and click once on the canvas. You can move the control around by dragging and dropping it, and resize it by dragging the borders. To delete the control, right click on it and select “Delete”.