Prescribing drugs

There are 3 options for prescibing drugs. You can prescribe a new drug (the name of which you can enter manually or select from a list), prescribe one from the regular drugs list, or re-use a previous prescription.

1. Press [Alt+S] to move to the script writer tab.
2. In the Drugs field, search for the appropriate drug by entering part of the brand/generic name and pressing [Enter]. Learn more about searching for drugs.
Create the prescription manually by entering the drug name in the orange field and pressing [Tab] to skip the search.
3. Move to the Sig, Mitte and Units fields if you would like to edit any of supplied information, or to enter information where none is supplied.
4. Select options for separate pages from the drop-down list if required (see Single Page Options below).
5. Enter the number of repeat s required, if any (see Close Control below).
6. Enter any endorsement required in the next line.
7. Press [Prescribe].

The prescribed drug and abbreviated details will appear in the actions list.

Repeat Steps as required.

Interaction and contraindication checks:

You will receive an alert if your chosen drug belongs to the same drug class as one that potentially interacts with another drug in this patient’s regular drug list.

You will receive an alert if your chosen drug belongs to the same drug class as one that is contraindicated with a condition in the problem list (including pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Press [OK] to continue with the prescription.

Close Control

Drugs designated by Pharmac for Stat dispensing are marked with “Statim” in the drug information area. This designation is imported during regular program updates. Repeats for these drugs require endorsement with “Close Control”.

- When you request repeats for “Stat” items, the Close Control checkbox will be ticked automatically.
- You can also tick ‘Close Control’ checkbox for drugs not designated for stat dispensing.
- Close control and repeat options are saved with regular drugs.
- Printed prescription items will be appropriately endorsed; the practitioner will need to initial each endorsement.

Single Page Options

Select a different page letter from the popup list to print items on separate pages:

- Select Page A, B, C or D for items to be printed together. Use separate pages for items that may be presented separately to chemists.
- Select H for items requiring Hospital Pharmacy dispensing

Other print options in this popup include:

- Select O (for oral contraceptives) to print ‘O’ on the script.
- Select G to print the appropriate information for green prescriptions.
- Select X for items that you do not want to print (e.g. restricted schedule items, injections given, nebulised medication given).

You can save these print options for individual drugs in the Edit Drug Screen.

These options are saved with regular drugs.

Prescription Codes

Prescriptions are annotated with a code indicating the patient’s chemist co-payment category.

If your practice has a Low Access capitation contract you must indicate this in your practice settings. Select Our Practice(s) from the Tools menu. Select your practice from the results and press OK. In the Settings tab, enter the Value “Y” next to the Low Access Practice setting.