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Reviewing Results

Incoming mail should be matched to the correct patient and filed in the clinical notes.

All matched lab results will then appear in the Results tab, at the bottom of the clinical notes screen.

Any items that have not yet been “filed” will have a yellow background.

Viewing your comments

If you added a comment when you viewed the mail item, this will be displayed in the right-hand column.

  • If the test result contains information that cannot fit into the column, hover over the “comment” column entry to see the full result.

Table View

  • This is the default option.
  • The filter row allows easy narrowing of your view to a particular group e.g. Liver or Lipid or a particular test 

Report View

  • Click on the Report to view the results in a layout similar to printed reports
  • This view is more suitable for printing results and viewing comments
  • Reports will allow you to scroll down through each result, in full.


  • The Sideview allows you to compare test results over time (shown below).
  • Scroll down to view the different groups of tests; scroll horizontally to view the results across each consultation.
  • Double-click on any test to view the complete mail item. This will move you to the Reports tab.

Other options

Right-click on a result for a menu of options.


  • Select Graph to generate a graph. It will plot the results from previous tests of the same type.


  • Select Filter to hide other result types or groups.

Send to letter

  • Select send selected results to letter
  • Select send selected results (report view) to letter