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Find ACC schedules that need reconciling

This process requires the ACC API to be enabled. 
  1. Open Account Schedules (Claims)
  2. Change Filter to view claims with status ‘Sent’. Click on Refresh.
  3. Right Click on an ACC Claim, Select ACC Payment Advice

Import Remittance (Payment) Advice

  1. Check Payee Organisation and Invoice Number
  2. Click on Import Remittance 
Payments will be downloaded
  • Items that have been paid will appear in a pink background
  • Items that have not been paid will appear with a yellow background. There will be a comment outlining the Reason

Reconcile the payment

Click on Reconcile Payment to import the payment into ACC’s account and allocate payments to the invoice lines

A report will be generated and saved in the System Log

You may want to print this report and attach it to the paper remittance advice 

Open the ACC account and process the unpaid items as per your usual protocol for example:

  • Credit the invoice item  
  • You may need to provide further information before resubmitting the claim
  • You may wish to invoice the patient for the rejected claim