Cash up report

The cash-up screen provides reports to reconcile and analyse your practice’s transactions.

Select Cash Up Report from the Accounts menu.

Cash up report 2

The default view shows you a transaction report, listing all invoices and payments for the current day. Invoices with outstanding balances are red.

Cash up report 1

Adjust the period by changing the dates in the top right of the screen then click on Refresh.

cash up report 7

You can filter which details to view using the right-hand lists.

Cash up report 4

The default view shows all providers and payees.

Cash up report 3

If you wish to correct an invoice, highlight it in the transaction list and click on Point of Sale.

You can save your cash up report to an excel spreadsheet.

Cash up report 1


The Reports menu offers a range of different reports.
You can print these reports, email them, or save them as PDF files.

Cash up report 5

Cash up: full transaction report, listing all payments and invoices.

Services provided: all invoices, sorted by service type.

cash up report 6

Payments by Payee: all payments shown in a table, sorted by payment methods (cheque, cash, EFTPOS etc) and organisations within the practice.

Payments by Provider: all payments shown in a table, sorted by payment methods (cheque, cash, EFTPOS etc) and practitioners within the practice.

Bank Deposit: Generates a bank deposit slip by automatically importing the details of all cheques received. A separate deposit slip is created for each organisation. When you click “Print” or “Cancel” for one deposit slip, the next deposit slip (for the next organisation) will come up.