Corrections, credit and reverse payments

Important! Note the difference between a correction and a credit or reversal:

Correction Credit or Reversal
Use it when: The invoice/payment was mistakenly entered into the system. The original invoice/payment was correct at the time, but it now must be changed e.g. where a patient disputes an invoice, where a cheque bounced or where a claim has been rejected.
Dates: A correction will adopt the date of the original item that is being corrected. It will, therefore, affect the accounting reports for the original month.
Note: MyPractice does also keep a record of when the correction was made.
The credit or reversal is a separate event and will adopt the date on which it was entered. It will, therefore, affect the current month’s account.
Statements: Corrected items should never have occurred, so will not usually show up on the patient’s statements. Credits and reversals will be shown on the patient’s statement.

Correcting or reversing a payment

Open a patient’s account.
Select the Account Payment tab.

corrections 1

Highlight the payment you want to correct or reverse by clicking on it in the Payments list. Tick “Show All” if it is not visible.

corrections 2

From the menu on the right, click on Reverse or Correct Entry.

corrections 2

Enter the details as prompted, and click OK.

Correcting or crediting an invoice

Enter a patient’s account details.
Select the Account Payment tab.

corrections 1

Highlight the invoice that you want to credit by clicking on it in the Invoice list. Tick “Show All” if it is not visible. 
 To view individual items (fees) in the invoice, click on the + to the left of the invoice. 

corrections 2

To credit the entire invoice, select the invoice and click on Credit All Items

To credit the individual item, select the fee and click on Credit this item.

To correct an invoice, you need to correct individual items within that invoice. Select the fee and click on Correct Entry

corrections 2