Outstanding account payment

Where a patient walks in and wishes to make an account payment, open their account details.

Point of Sale 4Click the Account button in the top toolbar. You can then search for the patient.

The simplest way to process a payment is in the Point of Sale Screen. Payments will automatically go towards the most recent invoice.

However, if you would like to control exactly which items or invoices are paid for, open the Account Payment tab.

Enter the payment amounts into the appropriate boxes (Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque, Card or Direct debits) and press [Enter]. The payments will then appear in the payments list.

outstanding accont payment 2

In the first list, select the payment you wish to allocate.

In the second list, double-click on an invoice to allocate the payment to it.

If an invoice exceeds the payment amount, the invoice will be partly paid. The amount still due will be displayed in red, under “balance”.

outstanding accont payment 2

Click Auto-allocate in the right-hand list to allocate payments against the oldest outstanding invoices.

Click Print Receipt to print today’s payments.

Click View/Email Receipt to save today’s payments as a PDF and/or email the receipt.