Each service the practitioner provides to a patient represents a chargeable event. Each service must be charged to a specific account holder (patient or organisation).

Different fees might apply for the same service, depending on the patient’s eligibilities (e.g. patient type, age or membership in a scheme).

A consultation may generate one or many billable services. These can be conveniently grouped when they usually occur together e.g. a claim and patient co-payment. These groups are represented by the buttons in the Services menu in the POS screen or in the Other Services list e.g. pressing the Consultation button will create both a consultation fee and a GMS subsidy claim.

Access to setting up services and fees is granted in the User Permissions screen.

Once created, all services can be charged using the Other Services [F10] button in the POS screen.

Adding a service

Use this function to quickly create a new service that does not need to be part of a group nor take account of patient eligibilities.

1. Select Account Setup in the Accounts menu.
2. In the Services tab, press [Quick Add].
3. Enter the description of the new service, which is the title it will be given in the Services menu in the POS screen e.g. Mole Check.
4. Enter the fee. This is GST inclusive.
5. Press [OK]. Back in the Services tab, the new service should be found in the Groups table on the left hand side. The fee will be shown in the right hand side table.