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Quick Add Simple Service and Fee

  • Select Accounts Setup from the Accounts Menu

Each service the practitioner provides to a patient represents a chargeable event. Each service must be charged to a specific account holder (patient or organisation).

Different fees might apply for the same service, depending on the patient’s eligibilities (e.g. patient type, age or membership in a scheme).

A consultation may generate one or many billable services. These can be conveniently grouped when they usually occur together e.g. a claim and patient co-payment. These groups are represented by the buttons in the Services menu in the POS screen or in the Other Services list e.g. pressing the Consultation button will create both a consultation fee and a GMS subsidy claim.

Access to setting up services and fees is granted in the User Permissions screen.

Once created, all services can be charged using the Other Services [F10] button in the POS screen.

Quick Add 

1. Select Account Setup in the Accounts menu.
2. In the Services tab, press [Quick Add].
3. Enter the description of the new service e.g. Mole Check.
4. Enter the GST inclusive fee
5. Press [OK]