Appointment Book

Appointment book

Appointment Books to display

The Staff list on the right contains users with appointment books.

Click on the Staff member’s name to add or remove their appointment books from the display.

appointment book 2

If you have selected more than one person, their appointment books will appear side-by-side. You can also change the displayed book by selecting different staff members from the drop-down lists above each book.

 Multiple Appointment Book Tabs

You can have multiple appointment books open at once, using our “Appointment Tabs”. This may be useful if you would like to display all doctor appointments on one page, and all nurse appointments on another.

Appointment book 4

Select “Open New Appointment Tab” from the top toolbar. (Click on the arrow to the right of the button)

You can then move between the two appointment books by clicking on the tabs, at the top-left of your page. These tabs will be named using the “code names” of each staff member who is displayed in that appointment book.

(In the image below, the first tab displays appointments for David Livingstone and Ross McCabe; the second tab for Harder Push and Flo Night)

appointment tab

Week and Month view

  • Click on the M T W T F S S line to view the whole month.
  • Click on the week number (left column of the calendar) to view the whole week.

Select days to display

Highlight the days in the calendar to select dates to view, or enter the number of days. Your settings will be retained for future sessions

Today’s date is marked with a red square

Change Months

Move to the desired month by clicking on the arrows at the top of the calendar or using the drop-down menu.

Time Bars

Time bars are displayed at the left of the appointment list.

Right click on this bar to change the display intervals. Time bars can be displayed for each individual practitioner or alternative lists to conserve screen space.