Books to Display

  • The list of appointment books is displayed on the right.
  • Staff can be added to this list in The Staff Set Up Screen 
  • Tick one or more books to display them
  • You can change the displayed book from the drop-down lists above each book.

Select Days to display

  • Highlight days to display
  • Click on the M T W T F S S line to display  the whole month. 
  • Click on the week number (left column of the calendar) to display the whole week.
  • Enter the number of days to display. 
  • Your settings will be retained for future sessions.

Moving between dates

  • Today’s date is marked with a red square.
  • Use your arrow keys to move around the calendar
  •  [CTRL]+[Home] Returns you to Today

Time Bars

  • Right click on the time bar to change the display intervals.
  • One time bar is displayed at the left of the appointment list. 
  • Time bars can also be displayed for each individual practitioner (Tools>System Settings). This is necessary when different practitioners prefer different appointment durations.Timebars

Change Month

  • Move to the desired month by clicking on the arrows at the top of the calendar 
  • Click on the Month for a drop-down menu.

Appointment Book Tab Groups

  • Open extra Appointment Book Tabs to group books e.g. by team or profession

  • Click on “Open New Appointment Tab” from the top toolbar -Click on the arrow to the right of the Appointment button

  • The Staff Codes will appear on the Tab

  • You can then move between the two appointment books by clicking on the tabs