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Pick the books to display

  • Staff with appointment books are displayed on the right.
  • Tick the staff to display their appointment books.
    • You can change each of the appointment books displayed with the dropdown above them.

Set how many days to display

  • Highlight days to display
    • Click on the week number (left end of the calendar) to display the whole week.
    • Click on the M T W T F S S line to display the whole month. 
    • Enter the number of days to display. 
  • Your settings will be retained for future sessions.

Moving between dates

  • Today’s date is marked with a red square.
  • Click in the calendar then use your arrow keys to move between days
  •  [CTRL]+[Home] Returns you to Today

Set the displayed interval between appointments

  • Right-click on the time bar to change the display intervals.
  • One time bar is displayed at the left of the appointment list. 
  • Time bars can also be displayed for each individual practitioner or alternating practitioners

To change the month

  • Click on the Month above the calendar for a drop-down menu.


To view multiple months on the calendar 

  • You can increase the width of the right panel by clicking on the separator bar to the left of the calendars and dragging it to the left

Multiple Tabs with appointment books

  1. Select the books /days to want to see on the first tab
  2. Click on the arrow to the right of the Appointment button, Select “Open New Appointment Tab” from the top toolbar
  3. Select the books /days to want to see on this additional tab
  4. Up to 10 appointment book tabs can be set up