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Operation Lists

Set Up

In Contacts – add 

  • your hospitals / Venue 
  • Anaesthetist
In Staff details for your Surgeon

Add a session for the operating list 

  • Select a colour for operating sessions
  • Enter the Start / End times 
  • Default duration
  • Type – Operation
  • From date and Everyday – first Operation session date , then repeat frequency in days (e.g. 7 for weekly)

Booking an operation

The Operating session will appear in your appointment book (in the colour selected during set up)

Double click on a slot to enter a patient onto the list

Details of operation

Enter the details of the procedure as prompted

  • The Operation Name can be selected from a list by typing part of the name then pressing Enter
  • The Date time is taken from the appointment slot chosen but can be modified
  • Enter the expected duration of the procedure
  • The Specialist carrying out the procedure (defaults to appointment book)
  • Location – select venue from the contacts list
  • Anaesthetist – select from your contacts list
  • Type of admission (Day Stay or Overnight)
  • Type of anaesthetic planned (GA, Local, Sedation)

Create Operation List 

From the appointment book 

  • right click anywhere on that day,
  • Select Print/Extract Appointments
  • Select Print Operation List

Review the list and if all entries are correct choose either

  • Print
  • Email 
  • Create a PDF

Operation Note

After the procedure or during follow up, the surgeon can update the operation notes 


  • Double click on the Operation in the Appointment Book
  •  Right Click on the Procedure in the Operations section of the Profile (Problem List)

The Operation Details screen will open

Update the details as appropriate