Drug Log and Special Authorities

Drug Log and Special Authorities

Drug Log

This log contains information about a regular medication:

- Date started
- Date last prescribed
- Date time stamped notes entered by users
- Special Authority Details

To access drug log, select the medication from the list of regular drugs. Either right click on it, and select "Review Log" from the menu, or press the [Regular] button.

Special Authority Information

Information includes

- Application Type e.g. CHEM or HOSP
- Approval number
- Approval Expiry date

This information can be entered manually from information received from HealthPac
These details are printed with each prescription for this medication.

Electronic Application for Special Authority Numbers

When you prescribe a regular medication that requires Special Authority, the following form will appear when you click [Regular]:

The Special Authority Form contains the questions and their responses used to submit an application for the Special Authority. Submissions can be made electronically (with prior approval from Healthpac). Select the appropriate form and complete the responses to these questions. Press the submit button and the approval details with be returned in 15-30s.