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Mail Screen 

Incoming GP2GP messages will appear alongside other incoming Mail messages.

To process an incoming GP2GP Mail message

  1. Match patient to an existing patient

  2. If the patient is not found, create a new patient by clicking on Add Patient

  3. Click on File

The incoming message will be displayed. Compare details as stored in your system with the incoming details. Check that you have matched the patient correctly. If incorrect, press Cancel and re-match the patient before proceeding.

Problem List 

Select (tick) items that you wish to be added to your profile.

The first tab displays the patient’s clinical profile

Regular Medications, prescriptions and allergies

  1. Click on the Drugs/Allergies tab to view regular medications and allergies.
  2. Select (tick) medications that you wish to see in the regular medications list.

Tasks:  recalls and screening jobs)

  1. Click on the Tasks tab to view recalls.
  2. Tick tasks to add to your patient’s task list.

Notes,  Measurements and Attachments

  • These details are imported without additional intervention.


Review imported records

  1. Open the clinical notes. In the Old Notes tab, locate the Incoming GP2GP Record.
  2. Right-click on this item.
  3. Select View GP2GP Record to view the original incoming record
  4. Select Re-import GP2GP Record if you need to process the incoming record again (copy items into your record). Progress notes will not be duplicated