Incoming GP2GP mail

Select Mail from the tool bar [Ctrl+M] .

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For more general information on mail, visit the viewing mail page.

Incoming GP2GP messages will be displayed alongside other Healthlink Mail messages. You can filter the results to only show GP2GP using the drop-down menu.

viewing mail 1

When a GP2GP mail item is highlighted, it will appear as below:

To process an incoming GP2GP Mail message, go to the Actions bar on the right.

Click Match to assign these records to an existing patient in your system,  or click Add Patient to create a new patient.

Click on File to process the incoming message. You can click File without ID to file “unmatched” mail.

The incoming message will be displayed as below. Compare details as stored in your system with the incoming details. Check that you have matched the patient correctly. If incorrect, press Cancel and re-match the patient before proceeding.

Tick items that you wish to be added to your profile.

The first tab displays the patient’s clinical profile:

Click on the Drugs/Allergies tab to view regular medications and allergies. Tick medications that you wish to be added to your regular medications list.

Click on the Tasks tab to view recalls. Tick tasks that you wish to be added to your patient’s task list.

Progress notes, results, measurements and other details are imported automatically.

You may preview the whole incoming record by clicking on the view button at the top of the screen.

Click on the “Process” button to complete the import.

Review imported records

Open the patient’s clinical notes. In the Notes tab, locate the “Incoming GP2GP” Record.

Right click on this item.

1. Select View GP2GP Record to view the original incoming record
2. Select Re-import GP2GP Record to process the incoming record again (copy items into your record). Progress notes will not be duplicated.