Setting up a GP2GP task

If you are asked to transfer a patient’s notes, you can create a task to track this request. 

The task will appear on Task Lists for the user – in the appointment book, the task manager and within the patient’s notes.

When the patient’s record has been transferred, the task will be “completed”.

Note: To learn more about adding and using task batches, visit the Tasks section of the MyPractice help manual.

Adding a new Task Batch

(template for GP2GP tasks)

You will only need to create the GP2GP task batch once. You can then create tasks as below, using this template.

Click on “Task Batches”, under “Clinical Setup” in the Tools menu.

GP2GP task 1
GP2GP task 2

Add a new task batch by clicking on the grey line.

Click on [+] at the left margin to open the Code and description

Enter “GP2GP” as the code. Enter “Send Notes (GP2GP)” as the description.

GP2GP task 4

Click on [+] at the left margin (of task code and description) to open other details.

Add “0” to the Remind section to mark this task as a recall.

GP2GP task 6

Click Finish to save your new task batch.

GP2GP task 7

Creating a Task

Click on Tasks in the top toolbar.

Click on New Task, at the bottom of the right-hand Actions pane

GP2GP task 9

Choose the GP2GP task batch from the left-hand window. Press [Enter]. Details from your template will appear in your new task.

GP2GP task 10

Fill in the remaining details.

Assigned to” is the staff member who needs to process the task.

Type part of the patient’s name in the orange box. When you press [Enter], you will be able to search for them.

You can use the drop-down menu to assign this task a priority. High priority tasks (1) will be displayed in red in the task manager.

GP2GP task 11

Click on OK to save the task.

GP2GP task 11