Transferring patients’ clinical notes

GP2GP allows notes to be sent electronically, in a format that GP2GP-enabled systems can understand. This currently includes MyPractice, MedTech and Houston sites. Intrahealth’s Profile sites will soon have this capacity.

Records can then be loaded into the appropriate regions. For example, problem lists, medications and allergies will be loaded into the corresponding areas in the patient’s clinical notes.

Consultation notes will be similarly formatted to those in the sender’s own system.

Sending notes

Access the GP2GP Transfer program from the Tools Menu, as below:

Transferring notes

Search for the patient using the orange box. Type part of the patient’s name and press [Enter].

Transferring notes 2

Select the Format and Method of the Electronic File (see below for more details).

Click on Contacts to search for the practice or organisation you are sending notes to. If they are not in your contacts book, you can manually enter the Practice Name and Healthlink Mailbox.

Click on Healthpages to go to the healthpages website, where you can confirm any practice details.

You can manually enter the doctor’s name, NZMC/HPI number and Practice HPI ID, but these are optional.

Transferring Notes 3

When you are finished, click Create to either send the notes through Healthlink, or export them to your folder of choice.

Restricting the authors of exported notes

Under “Include notes by Author”, you can un-tick organisations, roles (e.g. midwives) or individual people from the list. This will prevent notes written by them from being included in the transfer.

Transferring notes 2

Format and method of sending

Transferring notes 2

1. Healthlink’s usual method (encrypted file)

A secure file will be delivered to the practice over the Healthlink Network

  • You must enter the recipient’s Healthlink mailbox (EDI account). (Use the […] button to search your address book)
  • Optionally enter the Practice ID, Practitioner name and ID when available.
  • Press [Create] on the toolbar above to produce the file and pass it to Healthlink to deliver.

2. Encrypted file to a nominated folder

An encrypted file will be exported from MyPractice to a folder of your choosing.

  • Specify the location (Use the […] button). This may be a location on your hardrive, a USB stick or Drive, a CD or DVD
  • When you click Create, the file will be produced and placed in the specified place.
Transferring Notes 3

3. Unencrypted file to a nominated folder

Do not use this method unless you have confirmed that the recipient site will be able to read this file format.

4. PDF Document

A PDF will be created and saved to your folder of choice. Ensure that the patient is aware that there is no security on this file .

  • The file may be secured by zipping it and adding a password but this is not a robust process.
  • Specify the location (Use the […] button). This may be a location on your hardrive, a USB stick or Drive, a CD or DVD
  • Press [Create] on the toolbar above to produce the file and view it.
  • PDF documents may also be printed at this point.

Recording Transfers

Once a file is created, a note will be recorded within the patient’s clinical notes. This is visible in the Mail section in the Notes tab.