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Accessed from the Tools, the Report Menu  displays ready-made reports which are listed on the right panel:

Report Viewer

List of available reports

These are grouped into folders such as Archive, Clinical, General, Income and System

Access to reports within Income and Clinical folders is restricted dependent on user permissions .

Built in reports are in a black type whilst reports installed on each practice’s server are blue.

Reports located in the practice server can be moved, deleted or renamed (Right Click Menu on each report)

Further reports can be developed and added on request , please contact our help desk with your requests.Running Reports
Click on a report name to run the report. You may be prompted for parameters such as date ranges. Reports may take a few seconds to minutes to run. The output from each report is displayed in the left panel. Printing and Exporting reports
Above the report are controls that allow changing the view size, printing and exporting the report .

Export types include Word, Excel and PDF formats.