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Start the Files Transfer Manager for Health Link Messaging Services (HMS). Click [Start] on your Windows taskbar.  Select [Programs], then [Healthlink Messaging], then [Healthlink File Transfer Manager].

  1. Click Add
  2. File type DIABETES
  3. EDI account:
  • For Southmed and procure practices this is cal
  • For Comphrehensive Health Practices this is compheal
  • For Mangere Health Resources Trust this is mhrt
  • For Other practices please contact your IPA or PHO.
  1. Description Diabetes Get Checked or similar
  2. Make sure Encryption Type is Healthlink Encryption and the four boxes are ticked.
  3. Click on Save then Close.

If you require the latest Health Link Messaging Services or need assistant in installingHealthLink Messaging Systems (HMS) please call the Healthlink Helpdesk at 0800 288 887.