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Register your practice with Health One 

HealthOne will require your

  1. Practice name
  2. HPI Organisation number 

They will provide you with the following

  1. Authentication Address
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret
  4. Transaction Address

Enable MyPractice to communicate with HealthOne

Go to the System Settings (You will need system administration rights)

Under the Shared Care -Health One section 

  1. Enter the supplied details as prompted
  2. Change Health One Enable to True
  3. Finish


Synching Records 

  • On closing the Patients Details screen or the clinical records,  any changes with will uploaded to the HealthOne Platform 

If a connection cannot be established, the system will retry 

If there is an error, a task will be created with the warning

Messages to HealthOne can be reviewed on the Message Log (Queue).