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Set Up

Create a new scheme.

  1. In the Accounts Menu, Select Accounts Set up
  2. Select the Schemes Tab in the services setup screen.
  3. Click on the grey zone labeled ‘Click here to add item’
  4. Enter ‘Delivery’ in the Scheme column. Enter ‘Prescription Home Delivery’ in the description column.
  5. Press [Finish]

Enter the delivery service’s email address in System Settings

  1. Tools Menu, System Set Up, System Settings
  2. Open the Prescriptions section
  3. Enter the email in the ‘Email Address for Home Delivery’ setting. e.g. for Pill Drop enter ‘
  4.  Press [Finish]

Add patients to the home delivery service

  1. Open the patient’s detail screen
  2. In the schemes section, click [New].
  3.  Select ‘Prescription Home Delivery’ as the scheme type
  4. Press [OK]


When you create a prescription for a patient that has a ‘Prescription Home Delivery’  scheme

  • A prescription will be printed
  • A copy of the prescription will be sent by email
  • A confirmation will appear e.g. with ‘Home Delivery of prescription to’