Editing Practitioner Details

seting up a staff member 1
  1. Select Staff from the Tools Menu.
  2. Select a staff member from the list.
    • Click “Show Inactive” in the top menu to include inactive members.
    • Click “New” to enter a new staff member.
Appointment template 1

For staff members consulting with patients – tick [Practitioner] in the User tab. Invoices can only be assigned to practitioners.

Click on the Practitioner tab, and fill in the details as prompted.

The details for the “Authorising Practitioner” will appear on letterheads, scripts and lab forms. Registered Medical Practitioners are usually their own ‘Authorising practitioner’.

For nurses and medical students it is usually the Medical Practitioner whose details should appear on scripts or lab forms.
NOTE: The authorising practitioner can be changed for any particular consultation in the clinical notes screen. Each practitioner must have an organisation (practice) that they work for. This is where their income is allocated to for accounting purposes. This can be a common organisation, or different for each practitioner.
To add or edit these organisations, select “Our Practice(s)” from the Tools>>Organisations menu.