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User Permissions

A system administrator can decide which users have permission to access parts of the system.Select Tools >> Staff >> User Permissions.

You can create a role for each group of staff members.

  • Highlight each role and select the functions permitted for this role. This controls which part of the program can be accessed by users in this role.
  • Highlight each role and select the users who will have this role. Menu items will be disabled or hidden for staff without appropriate roles.

Staff members (users) can hold one or more roles. There should always be at least one user with a System Administrator role.

Protected functions

  • Account Setup: User can change services and fees.
  • Accounts Correction: User can correct, credit invoices and reverse payments.
  • Accounts Schedule: User can review and send batched and electronic invoices.
  • Cashup Screen: User can review account transactions.
  • CBF Upload: User can create, send or import Capitation Based Funding files to/from your PHO.
  • Clinical Notes Screen: User can access (review and edit) clinical notes.
  • Diagram Templates Screen: User can add/edit list of diagrams available in clinical notes.
  • Document Templates Screen: User can add/edit handouts, patient letter templates, text message templates, labels etc.
  • Edit exclusivity to practice: Patients’ notes can be assigned to common or exclusive categories, restricting user access to practitioners working for the same organisations.
  • Healthlink: User can import mail from Healthlink folders into My Practice.
  • Income Reports: User can access reports in the Cashup screen and income folder in the report viewer.
  • Organisations: User can add/edit contacts(phone book).
  • Query Builder: User can create/run customised queries on practice data.
  • Repeat Prescriptions: User can use the repeat prescriptions screen.
  • Restrict appointments to own practice: Hides appointment books of staff from other practices.
  • Staff: User can add/edit staff members.