Task batches

Open the Task Batch Editor by clicking on Tools >> Clinical Setup >> Task Batches.

  • Click on + to view items attached to each Batch
  • Click on + to view/edit Conditions attached to each Item
  • Click on the grey box to start new batch, task or condition line
  • Each Task Batch may contain one or more Tasks

Each Task has a Description and optional code.

  • The Description / code may be selected from the read codes, in which case you should enter part of the code in the grey box and press [Enter] to search. You can also enter the codes directly by entering them in the box and clicking away, or pressing [Tab] to skip the search.
  • The task code is used to pre-select document templates (enter corresponding codes in the document editor). 

Each Task may have other properties that determine its default behaviour:

  • Restrict tasks to patients that meet certain conditions (such as age / sex)
  • Enter future tasks by adding appropriate conditions (such as starting age / date )
  • Set recurrence frequency and period
  • Set maximum number of occurences
  • Decide whether tasks will be applied to all new regular patients (Auto) and set the trigger

Applying Task Batches

Open clinical notes and click on New Task.
Select a task group from the left menu, in which case appropriate items in the list that meet the set conditions will be added to the task list.

Alternatively, enter part of the task name in the “Description” box and press [Enter] to search.