Point of Sale 4Click the Account button in the top toolbar. You can then search for the patient.

Select the Statement tab (and the statement tab within this window) to view that person’s statement of accounts.

Statements 1

You can view a statement of the Current Month, last 3 Months or All statements using the buttons up the top.

You can also manually adjust the statement dates using the drop-down calendars.

In the Message section, enter any message that you want to appear on the statement.

Statements 1Using the buttons up the top, you can Print the statement. Click on Preview to bring up a separate window, where you can save the statement as a PDF or Email it.


To control which parts of statements are seen, select the View tab (within the larger Statement tab).

Statements 2

  • Select Allocations if you wish to see details of how payments have been allocated.
  • Select Itemised Invoices if you wish to see the individual items within the invoices (patient and service details).
  • Select the appropriate boxes to include creditscorrectionsreversals and bad debts.

To arrange your statement by groups, select Group by. Click on the appropriate column header and drag it into the space as indicated.

Statements 3To undo the grouping, click on the heading and drag it away from the grey space.