Schedules (Claims)

Schedules 4Select Schedules (Claims) from the Accounts Menu. 

Viewing schedules

schedules 1

schedules 1You can choose to view schedules based on Status, Claim Type, Provider, Payee or by whether it has been Paid.

Click on the headings to view a list of details. Tick the items you wish to view.


Schedules 6You can right click anywhere in the list to view a list of options, for example to select everything but the item you have clicked on.




schedules 2NOTE: The default view shows all schedules with an OPEN status (not yet printed or processed for sending). These schedules may still have items added to them.




Order items shown in the schedule by clicking on the column headings. The items below are ordered by Type (as you can see from the small arrow in the heading).

Filter any column by clicking on the funnel icon in the column header. You can choose values from a drop-down menu, or type them in yourself.  Only claims with the chosen value in that column will be displayed.

schedules 3

Click the + on the left of each item to see more details. If the schedule contains more than one item, they will appear as a list.

Schedules 5

Correcting items in the schedule

Schedules 7To visually inspect schedules before printing or sending, highlight the schedule and click Preview in the right-hand Actions menu.

Your preview will appear in a new window (as below). You can save, email or print this document by clicking on the top buttons.

Schedules 8

Note: You will have been warned about duplicate items at the time of their creation. For example, you would be alerted in the Point of Sale screen if a patient was invoiced for two consultations on the same day. Duplicate items will therefore have been authorised at the time they were made.

You can make changes to each schedule by right-clicking on it. Although statuses will automatically update depending on your actions (see below), you can also change the status manually using this menu.

Schedules 9

Schedules 7If you need to make corrections to the details, click the + on the left of each item to see more details.


You can make changes to each individual item by right-clicking on it. Selecting Patient Accounts will take you to the Point of Sale screen. You can then enter any corrections, credits or reverse payments.

Schedules 10

Sending schedules

Schedules (batched invoices) need to be sent to the appropriate payors.

Schedules 7If the payor accepts electronic schedules, you can select the schedule at click on Send in the Actions bar.

For payers who need a physical copy you can select the schedule and click on Print. You are able to both send electronically and print the schedule (for example, if you would like to keep hard copies).

Details of the electronic file are saved in a special log file. If the file is successfully sent, this will appear in a message and the status of the schedule will be automatically updated. You can no longer add to this schedule.

If the file has not sent successfully, you will be alerted.

A new open schedule will be created when the next appropriate invoice item is created.