Setting up a staff member

seting up a staff member 1
  1. Select Staff from the toolbar.
    • To edit an existing staff member highlight the row and press [Enter]
    • If you cannot see the staff member click on “Show Inactive” to include inactive members.
    • If you need to enter a new staff member click “New”.

2.  To configure appropriate settings or preferences based on the staff members role

  • Click “Apply Default Settings”
  • Choose the appropriate staff role from the drop-down menu e.g. Receptionist.
seting up a staff member 2

3.  Enter information about the staff member as prompted

Be sure to include a short name / code that is unique to each staff member. This will be used in reports.
It can be a maximum of 6 characters.

seting up a staff member 4

Each staff member needs a unique user name to log on to  myPractice.

seting up a staff member 3

Passwords are case sensitive. For additional security, we recommend at least 6 characters with a mix of letters and digits.

Staff must be marked active to access the system.

When you have finished editing details, click:

  • Copy – to produce another staff member with the same Address and Contact Details.
  • Next – to close the current screen and open another staff members screen for editing.
  • Another – to open another staff members screen for editing. The current screen will still be open in another Tab.
  • Finish – to save changes and close the screen.